Our focus is on the deployment of highly trained engineers, technicians, scientists and manufacturing operations  personnel. We provide complete search, selection and referral services to fit a staffing model that best suits the your  evolving staffing needs. Examples of these are:  · Flexible Temporary Help  Prolet provides the right employee to alleviate your staffing shortage created by peak work loads, special projects,  vacations, holidays, leaves, expansion etc. Assignment employees are ready to perform beyond expectations, while we  handle the payroll processing, mandated taxes, insurance, and benefit programs.  · Temp-To-Hire Programs  A more efficient way to hire your full time staff. You are given the opportunity to assess an employee's performance  before making a final hiring decision. Our Temp-To-Hire program includes a reduced fee when the employee transfers  to your payroll.  · Contract/Short Term Staffing  Prolet provides a skilled flexible workforce dedicated to your special project, or special assignment of limited duration.  Our strong association with several Canadian and U.S. companies brings us into daily contact with highly qualified  professionals who are seeking employment opportunities on a contract basis.  · Permanent Staffing  We recruit and refer only exceptional candidates for your open positions at all levels of employment and professional  responsibility. Our staff are especially adept at making the right match. This is due to our understanding of the functions  that various technical disciplines perform, and our past experience in balancing our client's needs and the candidates  requirements. We conduct permanent searches with no retainer and no hourly billing for recruitment time. There is no  fee obligation unless and until the candidate actually begins employment.  · Project Management  Prolet provides the staff and expertise to manage projects and tasks. Our active engineering professionals have a  solid track record of project management with several large projects. We can undertake specific sub-tasks that cover a  wide range of engineering and technical disciplines.  · Customized Staffing Solutions  Prolet will analyze your unique circumstances, then advise a made to order solution, without obligation.  Bringing together engineering, management and communications professionals