Bringing together engineering, management and communications professionals  Analyze the job requirements for keywords and include them in your resume. o Ex.: if the employer is looking for experience in Primavera, then list your skill level and experience using this software. Substantiate any claims in your work experience section. · Assess your skill set and strengths and list them briefly at the beginning of the resume under Summary of Skills. These should address why you are the one who is qualified for the job. · Personal information such as hobbies, interests, age, date of birth, sex, race and religion should not be included in the resume. · Do not leave gaps in your employment history. Rather than leaving a gap, give a brief description of what you were doing during that time period. · Education section should be listed in reverse chronological order and should include at least the following: o Name and Location of institution o Name of degree and year of completion. · Work Experience should be listed in reverse chronological order (i.e. last job first) and should include the following: o Name of Organization o Location of work, type of work o Title of position; your contributions to the team o Dates of employment o Description of Achievements and responsibilities.