Bringing together engineering, management and communications professionals  CANDU type PHWRs have operated safely for about 50 years and itheir load factors have been relatively high and their operational safety standard exemplary. Starting from the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD), in Rolphton, Ontario, the proof-of-concept 22 MWe PHWR that started in 1962, fifty one CANDU type PHWRs power reactor units have been built in Canada, India, South Korea, China, Romania and Argentina and as of today , 46 are in operation or laidup, three in refurbishment and 2 decommissioned. The first commercial CANDU nuclear power plant at Douglas Point started operating in Canada in 1968 and the last power reactor licence was issued for Darlington unit 4 in 1993. The latest PHWR to be commissioned was the RAPS-6 unit in India in 2010. Quick Links to Canadian Nuclear Industry